Who I am ?

I’m Yatuu, French illustrator and comic book author. Since 2010, I’ve been keeping a blog in which I post little comics every week on my daily life : yatuu.fr

At the very beginning I drew on the blog my problems as an intern working in an advertising agency. Many people recognized themselves there (to my great surprise I confess) then I had the chance to see my comics published in an album! It was my first book but not the last one since I decided to devote myself body and soul to comics! 

Most of my albums talk about social issues that I needed to denounce such as housing problems, street/school harassment, gender stereotyping…

This is Brice, my assistant and also my boyfriend! He provides me with very valuable help in many areas! He’s the one who makes all the animations, edits the videos, does all the logistics, quotes etc… AND his job on the side ! ^^’ That’s basically, without his help, well… I’d be in a bit of a pickle.

He’s the T’choupi, minipouce, mi, didi, titi… In short, Yémi, my pitiful cat, is my second assistant! He makes sure I take breaks!

I’m currently working on a brand new comic book: “Erika and the princes in distress” which breaks gender stereotypes! The story takes place in a fantasy heroic world dominated by women. They are the strong sex and they hold all the power!

Erika, our princess, is planning to succeed her mother and take over the power alone except that… she doesn’t want to get married! To escape from this tradition she was given a mission: to save princes in distress! This quest was timely for the queen who will be able to use it to her advantage!

It’s an adventure that first started online.  Internet users were able to follow the story “Erika and the princes in distress” as it unfolded thanks to the pages posted each week on the yatuu.fr blog and social networks.

Living off comic books has become almost impossible for me. I collect practically no royalties on my books. That’s why I decided to go for Tipeee ! 

Thanks to the support of the patrons I can develop my universe while being financially stable. I can thus publish weekly boards of my comics on my blog and social networks!

There were now enough pages to make a first volume!
I took my courage in both hands and went out of the classic circuit to start self-publishing! With Brice, we launched our participatory financing project on Ulule. To my great surprise, the project received a lot of support! The goal of 500 pre-orders was achieved in 7 hours ! In the end there were 2823 pre-orders in 29 days! It was really incredible, it was so heartwarming ! Thanks to the support of the contributors, volume 1 could be printed. ❤️

It is an album that counts exactly 312 pages!
It is the culmination of 2 years of work for which I gave the best of myself with the precious help of Brice, my assistant.

I hope you’ll enjoy the universe in any case I say good reading! 😀